19 September 2009

Yoon See

This bracelet is a gift to my dear blog friend Yoon See. She is a thoughtful and lovely person. She was the first international blog friend who visited my blog and left a lovely comment.
I hope you like this bracelet Yoon See.


  1. Dearest Sister Srah,

    Thank you for your compliment and you are most welcome:)

    Trillion thank you sister
    I really love it very much.
    Sorry to drop by late.

    I definitely in awe of your talent Sarah.
    You are so creative, I have been following your blog and really have a pleasant time admiring your creations. they are just like made from heaven.
    Yes, God has given you the special gift and may you continue prosperous in art creation.

    I will make some original whimsical drawngs for you.
    Keychain I can manage too but please allow me some quality time to make them.
    Thank you and you are very thoughtful, friendly and sweet.

    I will write to you again.
    Please wait for my mail.
    I am so blessed to receive such a masterpiece from you.

    Best wishes,
    Yoon See

  2. Hi Sarah,

    My name is Lúcia and I am from Brazil. I found your blog today, and I'm in love.
    This bracelet is divine....
    I will be back soon.


  3. Gorgeous! I love the "gems" - so pretty!

  4. Sarah- she will be delighted, as anyone would be, to recieve such a pretty, charming piece. Gorgeous- looks like gems from a mermaid's treasure.
    The photo on my header is from when I was in Voss.

  5. that is really a delightful piece - the colors! swoon!

  6. The bracelet is very beautyful, especially the color mixture.

  7. Ciao Sarah,

    nice to meet you on your new blog: is fantastic...as your jewelry, too.
    I like so much!
    Ciao from Italy,