20 January 2010

It is still winter


  1. Hello dear Sarah,

    It's a cool winter holiday out there.
    Love the shots and hope you continue to enjoy your holiday!

    Your greeting & gem gifts have just arrived.
    Thank you and thank you....I really don't not what else to say!
    I really find you are the most generous person that I ever met in the world. Yes, there are a few like you.
    I hope your business is good.
    Good health, wealth and happiness in 2010.

  2. Visst är det vinter ännu -lite kallt men väldigt vackert!! Underbart nytt smycke med koraller du visar! Kramar//Eva

  3. Welcome back dear Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    So beautiful shots,I love Snow!

  4. Sarah, your blog and your work are really awesome!!


    Bia e Lúcia

  5. Such lovely snowy shots ... Welcome back Sarah - I have missed you!

  6. Sarah -vackert!! Här får man hänga med i svängarna för att inte missa dina ursnygga smycken i headern! Tack, bröllopsmässan var så rolig..Vi måste ses snart -kom över på en fika när du har tid!! Kramar//Eva

  7. Dear Sarah, your beautiful gift arrived an hour ago. It was so totally unexpected and made my day. Thank you so much for your sweet generosity! And may this year be a great one for you too, filled with success and love and the same kindness and generosity that you offer to others. x Anairam

  8. Oh so pretty! I wanted to let you know that on all the occasions I've worn your beautiful bracelet to work, people have complimented me on it. I love wearing it - not only is it lovely to look at but I enjoy the gentle sound it makes when I move... gorgeous!

  9. ¡Qué lindo paisaje!, yo vivo en Andalucia concretamente en un pueblo de Huelva, aquí esos paisajes no se ven....