15 May 2010

I'm back!

I came home from Malta on Monday with lots of fine impressions and photos. We stayed in a great hotel with lovely rooms and wonderful breakfasts. The weather was pleasant. While it was cold and wet in Sweden, it was nice and warm in Malta. Here are some pictures that I took.
Zandra, me and Anki on a Irish pub in St. Julians.

Valletta. The capital city of Malta.

My colleague: Bea, Lotta and Louise in St. Julians.
We are waiting for our boat to a short trip to Valletta.

Our stylish Danish steward.


  1. Sarah-Your pics are so fun to look at considering I live so far away, in a very different place. Makes me want to go to Malta! Thanks for sharing them - AND by the way, I really like your new banner too...the green pearls are lovely:) tisha

  2. Olá Sarah, I love the photos, what a wonderful place! I agree with Tisha: it makes want to go to Malta.

  3. How beautiful photos! Here in Finland we have lots of warm weather now. We have +28 degrees for so many days now.. Have a nice day!

  4. Fina bilder, underbar trip, och trevliga kollegor! Kram!!

  5. Salam Sara jan!!!!!!!!!! :)
    khosh halam ke behetoon khosh gozashte!!!!!!
    che jaye ghashangie,mamnoon be khatere in akshaye ziba!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hava inja dare kheili garm mishe,shayad manam beram shomal,darya,agar forsat beshe! ;)
    with lots of love

  6. Hello Sarah!
    I am so glad to hear from you again.
    Great trip and you are so kind to show us so many of your precious moment.
    I haven't been in a boat ride, I am sure you had a wonderful moment with your sweet girl friends.
    What a privilege to indulge under the sun like this!

    Good bye and take care Sarah:)

  7. Welcome back! It sounds like you had a great time :)

  8. Vilka härliga bilder! Du är bra på att ta bilder :)

  9. Hi Sarah, how are you?
    Wish you a nice weekend.