31 July 2010

And the winners are...

This month´s giveaway goes to 4 persons. , Cristina, Lúcia and Sara. Congratulations to all of you!
Please tell me which piece of jewelry you have chosen and don´t forget to email me your address.
A big thank you to all who came to visit my blog and left such lovely comments. My next Giveaway is in September.
Thank you!
With Love!


  1. OMG!!! I woooooonnnnnnn :)
    thank you so much!!
    I have just a question: Lisa earrings, my favourites, have a clip or they are for holed ear? (I hope you'll understand my terrible english!)

  2. Hi JÒ!
    I understand what you mean. Your english is very good.
    If you want to use the earrings, you must have your ears pierced. :)

  3. Wow!! I won! And I am so happy! :))
    Thank you so much, my dear.
    I'll send you my address by email.

  4. perfect, I have it!! so my choise is: Lisa earrings, I love them :)
    I think you already have my adress, if not I will email you :)

  5. Whaaat?! Did I win?!
    ...It's amazing!!! Thank you Sarah! And special thanks to both girls in photos: are they your daughters?
    For me it will be an honour to wear your "Silvia Gold Plated Leaf" necklace, if it's available too. ^_^
    Now... I will email you! Bye!

  6. Thank you Jò and Lúcia! I will send you the earrings on Monday.

    Thank you Cristina. Yes They are my daughters. Ellinor 10 years and Felicia 7 years. I will send your necklace as soon as I receive your address.

  7. I can't believe it...i'm the winner!! :D :D This is the first time i win a giveaway...i'm so excited!! So, if i have to choose a creation...when i left a comment on the post i said that my favourire was "alison necklace", but now i can't see it in your etsy..is it available now? If not, i will choose something else..
    Thank you for this chanche..your jewels are all fabulous..
    Sara - iloveM

  8. Congrats to all lucky girls!
    I am so happy for you girls!!!

    Happy weekends Sarah and family, I have made something for your birthday, although it's a delay but I trust that you will love it very much.

    I will post it this coming Monday, please allow 7 to 14 working days to arrive!

  9. Your two girls look adorable with their extra friendly smiles, like mother like daughter!

  10. I'll definitely be entering the next competition, congratulations to the lucky winners this time around! What a lovely way to display the names of the winners, too.

  11. Thank you Yoon See for your kinds comments.

    Thank you Sue. I would be happy if you do that. The next Giveaway is in September.

  12. Lovely little girls :)
    They had a lot of fun with this giveaway, I guess

  13. Hi Sarah! Yesterday morning I sent you a mail with my address, but I'm not sure that you received it: in this case, notice me and I'll write you again.
    ...A smile to Ellinor and Felicia! ^__^
    Kisses from Italy!

  14. Hi Sarah! Thank you for your disposability to remake Alison Necklace...but if it's a problem for you i can choose something else from your etsy...all your creations are so beautiful...I like very much Helen necklace, too.. So i would be happy if you send me that one..for me it's the same, i let you the decision.. :D Thank you so much!! :)

  15. Perfect!! Can you tell me your e-mail adress? If i go un your profile, it tries to opens Outlook, but my computer has a problem with this program and can't open it..Please, leave a comment with your e-mail in my blog or contact me here: lasara.vecchi@alice.it
    Thank you very much i'm so sorry for this complication.. :(

  16. Congrats to the lucky winners!! Lyckans ostar som vann!! Dina små juveler E o F är hur gulliga som helst!..gillar dina nya Snäck-smycken i Etsy-shopen skarpt! ..snart kommer vi hem -då måste vi ses! Kram//Eva

  17. Hej! Vilka fina saker du gör!
    Kram Malin