07 February 2013

Lariat Necklace

My customers often ask me how to know which size they would choose for a lariat necklace. In case you are wondering too I will share the description with you:

The model on the photo wear a 17.5 inches lariat necklace (adjustable). This size is good for a neck circumference of 12 to 13 inches. For best fit, you can measure your neck circumference with a flexible tape. Take a true neck measurement, not to tight and not too loose. Then add 2 inches to this measurement plus your desired lariat portion.

For example : My neck circumference is 13 inches ( 13" + 2" + 2.5" for the lariat portion ) . I will wear a 17.5 inches lariat necklace.

If you like long lariat necklace choose 3 inches for the lariat portion!

Have a nice day!

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