12 July 2013

Today is my birthday!

Hi everyone!

Today is my birthday and I'm going to have a giveaway to celebrate my birthday. When I was in New York I bought some lovely gemstone and glass beads. Because I love to give away beautiful things I thought maybe you want one or two of these strands. :)

Just leave a message and tell me which strands you want. You can chose two strands. One strand with glass beads and one with gemstones. You can choose between:

these glass beads strands           and these gemstone strands
- light blue 3 mm                      - green agate 10 mm
- pink 3 mm                              - faceted beige agate 12 mm
- transparent 1mm                     - blue polish agate 10 mm
- blue 3 mm
- white 2 mm

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to visit my blog on Sunday evening, July 14th to know if you have won.

Many hugs!



  1. Oh dear, happy birthday!
    I always forget birthdays, I'm really sorry (this year I forgot my mother's birthday, poor me, I'm really bad at this!)
    I hope you will have a great day, wear a crown for the occasion, it always help ;)
    For the giveaway, I love these:
    light blue 3 mm and blue polish agate 10 mm
    I cross fingers!

  2. Happy birthday!
    What a nice giveaway. I'd like light blue glass beads and green agate beads.

  3. Oh Sarah, Happy Birthday!
    I wish you all the best! Have a nice day and enjoy yourself! ^_^
    For the giveaway I like the pink 3 mm and the faceted beige agate 12 mm

    I know I say it all the times but it's true... You're a kind person!
    Many hugs

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