12 September 2013

New notecards

I just stopped by to say hi and show you some pictures of my new notecards. 
The artist behind these gorgeous cards is Gabriella from Italy. She hasn't any blog but she is one of my loyal readers.
A while ago she send me two rope bracelets for my girls. I received a lovely notecard too. I fell in love with the notecard as soon as I saw it and when she told me that she had made it by herself I asked her to make 50 cards for me. 

These bracelets are a gift from Gabriella to my girls.

I love these notecards. I use these as thank you cards when I ship my jewelry to their new homes.
The lovely bows fit my envelope clutch perfect. Everything is made by hand, even the tiny hearts are cut by hand. 

With Love / Sarah


  1. Thank you Sarah for your kind words.
    I'm honored that my cards will travel with your wonderful creations!
    I hope that your customers will love them too.
    Many hugs from your loyal reader ;),

  2. I know Gabriella, she is a lovely rider of my blog too :)
    I didn't know she made such beautiful things, thanks for letting me know, those cards are lovely :)

    1. Thank you Jò!
      This is what I meant when I said that I use scrapbook material for something that is not ;)