09 October 2013

On my way to the post office

I usually visit my post office 4 days in a week. It is next to a port for goods and passengers traveling to and from Finland, Russia and the Baltic countries. Every time I'm there I see this huge ship pass. It is called Galaxy. We traveled with Galaxy to Finland last year. Every time I see this ship I love to stand and watch it pass. Today I took this picture to show you what I see several times in a week on my way to the post office. 

I love to see a picture of what you see every day when you are on your way to work, to school or to the post office. :)
Just leave a link to your picture. See you!

// Sarah


  1. Hi Sarah!
    In summer late afternoons I like to take a walk and this is what I used to see from my little town bridge (a former railway bridge actually) almost every day.
    It wasn't me who took the picture but I'll post a link I found on the net:

    1. Thank you so much Gabriella for sharing! Such a lovely place.

  2. Hi Sarah, how are you? I did not forget you. But I was so busy. I'm trying to find a way to send you the painting really as a gift. Ok? I will note sell you the painting,It will be my gift to you.
    Nice post, I love the pictures.
    Have a nice week.