12 October 2009

A splash of color on this grey Monday


  1. Your girls' sweet smiles are enough to brighten up any grey day! They look so sweet with their collection of stuffed toys.

  2. Hello Sarah, sorry to be late here.
    I really enjoy your creative shots, so beautiful that can tell stories.

    1 shot: Wpw! Your darling girls really know how to post! I see, they like softie and pink a lot!
    2nd shot: I have never seen such cute photo of a mother & child gat!
    3rd shot: Cirkus...All kids and adult wll like too!
    4th shot: Lovely scenery! Very well taken! The the contrast of sea blue and yellow.

    Thanks and I hope to see more Sarah, please post more when you are more free. I enjoy seeing your photographies as much as I enjoy jewelries:)