16 October 2009

It's giveaway time!

The prize this time is a pendant. This pretty pendant is designed using 14K gold filled wire and Swarovski crystals. It is approx. 4 cm (1.57 inches) long.


  1. Ciao Sarah!!
    Many thanks for all your kind words on my blog!
    I know, I love your jewelry and this is my first giveaway partecipation!!
    I'm excited!!!

  2. Hi Sarah! I found your blog via Anne's food! Anne sure did win beautiful jewelry :)
    I second chezbobo's entry, this is also my first giveaway participation.

    Thanks for sharing your jewelry and your passion with the rest of us!

    Ha det bra.

    Kram Angélica från Skien via Bohuslän

  3. Hello Sarah, you are so generous.
    Please don't count me in, I hope more people will find you and enjoy your jewelry creations:)

  4. Thanks Sarah, I have received your bracelet and it's posted in my blog.
    I have a dedication to you too. Just come and visit.
    Watch out! I will send the gifts to you on this Monday

  5. wow it's gorgeous so happy to find you!!!!

  6. I just stumbled across you, your blog and your jewelry! Lovely! M

  7. The necklace is lovely, maybe I'll be lucky on Nov. 1st!

  8. Vill gärna vara med o pröva lyckan..Det här vackra smycket tycker jag är både strikt, konstnärligt och väldigt kvinnligt!! ..lägger ut bild+länk hos mej.. PS.fick den nya FireMountainGems -katalogen i brevlådan.Den ska jag njuta av när jag är alldeles ensam, och inte blir 'störd'DS. Kram//

  9. Hi Sarah,

    I have been a follower of your blog for quite some time now but have always been too shy to leave a comment.

    Your jewelry pieces are truly beautiful! Every single item reminds me of something from my past and is so original!

    Thank you for inspiring me with your gorgeous pieces.

  10. Hi Sarah!
    Third time trying to send comment, my Swedish???! (I'm new on the internet). Your blog was forwarded by my dear sister!
    I find your jewellery equisite, and your blog very interesting!
    I love lilac, pink and of course
    turquoise! Kind regards!

  11. Thanks for your comment on my flower headband post :) I'm very happy to find you, another blog in Stockholm. I'd love to see your work in person! I hope I win this piece, it's beautiful!

  12. Så vackra smycken du gör, och i så fina material. Jag älskar swarowskikristaller. De har en underbar lyster och gnistrar fantastiskt vackert!Jag vill naturligtvis gärna vara med och tävla om det vackra smycket ovan. Vilken go färg, så elegant och lite old fashion. Det gillar jag.Jag länkar förstås med bilden på min blogg(högerspalten, rätt långt ner)Det var kul att "ramla in" på din sida och se dina vackra smycken. Så duktig du är i att skapa!Ha en riktigt fin och avkopplande helg!

  13. So elegant and beautiful !!!!!!! :)
    Salam Sara Jan ,
    Doost daram dar morede salamati harf bezanim chon alan sarma khordam va geloo dard daram ! :(
    .....Omidvaram shoma va khanevadatoon hamishe salamat bashid.

  14. First time here and its a nice time, I must say!

    Thats a very pretty pendant. Who wouldn't love to own it!!!

    Speaking of colours, being an artist(amateur) myself I just can't pin on one. I love all the colours.

    Keeping my fingers crossed:)

    Wishes and regds
    Deepa from http://deepazworld.blogspot.com/