18 October 2009

Weekword: History

This is my history.
For other participants, please visit Anairam.

6 years old

8 years old

10 years old. My mother, brother, sisters and the children of my sisters.

20 years old

35 years old


  1. love these photos, beautiful history:)

  2. From a sweet little girl to a beautiful woman - these are lovely photographs, Sarah!

  3. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your lovely history!

  4. Wonderful seeing how people blossom into adulthood.

  5. Thanks for sharing! Så fina bilder -ert bröllopskort är helt underbart!! Du är såå vacker å A ser så ung ut..Sköt om dig! Kram//Eva

  6. Jag vill hemskt gärna se filmen tillsammans med dig -det skulle vara jätteroligt! Vi åker t Kanarias v 44- vi kan väl ta en biokväll i nov?!! Kram//

  7. Wow! Sarah, I love seeing you as a little girl and now grown to be a beautiful lady.
    Beautiful photos & history and they all come together!
    You are so clever too. All photos are in black and white, Ha..ha..real history photos!

    Pls. come over to my blog, sorry I was about to mail the gifts to you.
    Thinking to make a special package to you, so there's some delay....I had wrapped the package yesterday. So today I will send all the gifts to you.

    Take care and have a great weekend ahead!

  8. What a great idea! Thx for sharing! M

  9. Kheyli kheyli jaleban , hamashoon , makhsoosan dar 20 salegi . nemidoonam vali ye hese motefaveto doostdashtanie ajibi dare.Engar mikhad donyaro tanhaee kashf kone.

  10. How lovely! I like how in all of them you are smiling but at 20, quite earnest. A beautiful journey through your life... :)